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ProPEAT® Carbon90Plus 13-5-8

ProPEAT® Carbon90Plus 13-5-8

ProPEAT® Carbon90Plus 13-5-8 is a peat-based fertilizer, available in homogeneous granules containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, humic and fulvic acids.


Why apply ProPEAT® 13-5-8?


Efficiently provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, obtaining:

  • More vigor and energy in your crop.
  • More vegetative and root development.
  • Greater mobility of minerals in phloem.
  • More proteins, auxins, lignin and chlorophyll.
  • Greater tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Higher quality of fruits and crops.


Provides humic and fulvic acids that:

  • Favor the microbial activity of the soil
  • Improve soil structure, permeability and aeration.
  • Improve water retention.
  • Unblock nutrients and act as natural complexes.
  • Stimulate root development and crop yields.


In addition, it is an excellent source of carbon that:

  • Improves soil structure by forming aggregates.
  • Decreases compaction and improves aeration.
  • Improves infiltration and water retention capacity.
  • Stimulates the diversity and population of the soil microflora.


The application of the advanced ProPEAT® formula allows you to:

  • Optimize root nutrition of the crop.
  • Retain nutrients in the soil for longer.
  • Increase the cation exchange capacity.
  • Reduce mineral losses due to leaching.
  • Improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil.


Exclusive distributor for Mexico: Mil Agro Inc.


Available in 20 kg bags.


Available in the USA, presented in 50 pound bags.

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