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Products applied with improper timing or low bioavailability will not give you the desired result. 


KEYLAMAX Mineral Amino Acid Chelates and Complexes are immediately bioavailable to the plant.  Amino Acids penetrate the leaf surface and translocate minerals in the plant within hours of application.


Increased yield and quality due to adequate timing and bio-availability to the plant. 

Who is Mil Agro?

Mil Agro is a company dedicated to the creation of environmentally safe, natural, and organic plant bio-stimulants and nutritional products.

We are committed to the protection of biodiversity, environmental quality, sustainable development, food safety and the growth of our customers. We have a team of agronomists with experience in more than 40 countries and 300 different crops from the tropics to the temperate zones of the world, ready to assist our clients when they need it.

Discover Our Products

Keylamax Organic Soluble Powder

Our Organic Microelement Amino Acid products will give you results you can see. They are fast acting and extremely bioavailable.

Keylamax One Conventional Powders

Concentrated Amino Acid Soluble powders for growers that want the highest efficiency out of their fertilizers.

Keylamax Conventional Liquids

Our liquid amino acid products are easy to use and are very compatible with other products. 

See What Our Customers Say

“in my small table grape area I have 3 ‘Thomcord’ vines (Thompson Seedless X Concord cross), also sometimes called a Seedless Concord. They are normally a week or so ahead of Thompson Seedless in bloom, berry set, veraison and sugar levels.
Another characteristic is they normally have a wide range of berry set, berry size and ripening. They along with the rest of my table grapes were treated with your products at the same time & rates as the rest of the Vineyard. But as you can see the berries are two to three times the size of my Thompson Seedless and very uniform in size.
Again, normally they will have a large difference in berry size on the same bunch. But this year they are uniformly large. …this Tulare Cherry tree was also sprayed with your products. In years past it has never been this RED before, nor as uniformly RED. Usually it will be at varying shades of light pink to dark pink. Plus they are also a little bit bigger than previous years.”
– Jamie Hansen – California Farmer

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