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We Are Mil Agro Inc

a company dedicated to the creation of environmentally safe, natural, and organic plant bio-stimulants and nutritional products.


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Our Mission

At Mil Agro Inc., we focus on enhancing the quality and profitability of our clients, with highly efficient and environmentally friendly products, manufactured with the highest quality standards to guarantee the best field performance.

Our Vision

Be the leaders in the formulation and distribution of high efficiency products through sustainable and profitable growth based on:
· Creativity
· Motivation
· Professionalism
· Protection of biodiversity
· Food Security
· Customer success

Discover Our Products

Keylamax Organic Soluble Powder

Our Organic Microelement Amino Acid products will give you results you can see. They are fast acting and extremely bioavailable.

Keylamax One Conventional Powders

Concentrated Amino Acid Soluble powders for growers that want the highest efficiency out of their fertilizers.

Keylamax Conventional Liquids

Our liquid amino acid products are easy to use and are very compatible with other products. 

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Please reach out to us with any questions and we will connect you with your local sales representative and/or distributor.

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