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Mil Agro Inc., offers chelated and complexed minerals with amino acids, imitating the natural mechanism of living organisms to absorb and translocate these minerals, making them fully compatible and bioavailable for the plant.

Thanks to the neutrality of their electrical charge and the size of their molecule, the minerals are not rejected or retained on the surface of the leaves, but are quickly absorbed. The efficiency in the use of our formulations and of these amino acids that accompany the minerals fulfil the role of ligands which results in an exceptional benifit for your crops, not only of minerals, but also of energy, where the results are visible in a few hours in most cases.

By using Mil Agro Inc. products, you provide your crops:

  1. Early and vigorous growth.
  2. Increased resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  3. Greater and better root development.
  4. Increase in the quantity and quality of production.
  5. Stimulation of the photosynthetic and physiological activity of plants.

In addition, long-term stabilization of the results obtained, where even the application of other products for agricultural use could be reduced as a result of healthier plants.

All this allows your crops to increase their resistance capacity against attacks by pests and diseases, as well as to cope with the rhythm of production that generates critical stress situations in your plants and in your mind.

The Mil Agro Inc. product line, has the precise concentrations that, added to all its physical and chemical characteristics mentioned above, makes it the best alternative for the foliar nutrition for crops today.


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