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PhoSul® 0-16-0 / 4S

PhoSul® 0-16-0 / 4S

PhoSul® is a fertilizer that provides continuous release of phosphorus through a natural OMRI certified organic process.


Why apply Phosul®?

Phosphorus, calcium, silicon and sulfur in a single application.

Plus you get:

  • More energy and vigor for your crops.
  • Greater root development.
  • Greater resistance to stress and diseases.
  • Higher quality of your harvest.
  • Greater resistance to attack by pathogens.
  • Greater synthesis of amino acids and vegetable proteins.

Advantages of applying the advanced PhoSul® formula:

  • Optimization of root nutrition of the crop.
  • Retains nutrients in the soil for longer.
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity.
  • Does not generate mineral losses due to leaching.
  • Does not depend on a coating to release nutrients.
  • Provides the proper pH in the nutrient solution for maximum mineral use.

Exclusive distributor for Mexico: Mil Agro Inc.

Available in 20 kg bags.

Available in the USA, presented in 50 pound bags.

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